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As the number of cyberattacks continues to increase at an exponential level, Sentinel remains vigilant in our mission to stop breaches before they occur. We are fighting for you with 24x7x365 monitoring of your environment through our Security Operations Center (SOC), along with other enforcement measures to help lower the time to detect and respond to active threats.
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People, process, and technology are the primary factors that make Fortis unique. Our team is comprised of 250+ highly skilled security professionals who deliver streamlined, best-of-breed solutions in conjunction with a battalion of innovative security partners. Sentinel understands security is a living organism that needs to consistently adapt in an ever-changing threat landscape. Our holistic approach advances your protection from end-to-end, so you can reduce risk, eliminate vulnerabilities, educate employees, secure critical systems and data, detect and respond to attacks, and recover your business when necessary.


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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fortis?

Fortis is the new name for Sentinel’s Cybersecurity Services. It repositions our offerings and establishes a new approach to security that enables us to deliver an enhanced level of protection for our customers!

Is Fortis owned by Sentinel?

Yes, Fortis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentinel Technologies.

What are some of the primary security services offered through Fortis?

There are lot of capabilities and expertise contained under the Fortis name, including:

  • Detection, containment, and remediation of viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, malware, and unauthorized data/programs on electronic devices
  • Network security services, namely monitoring technological functions of network systems for vulnerabilities and analyzing threats
  • Monitoring of IT systems to detect unauthorized access or a data breach
  • Consulting services specifically focused on cybersecurity
  • Technology supervision and inspection related to cybersecurity and IT threats
  • Monitoring, testing, analyzing, and reporting of security incidents, with response and remediation services
  • Security threat analysis for protecting data
  • Testing, analysis, and evaluation of the security policies, protocols, and technology of our customers
  • Providing a website to assess and manage cyber risk and vulnerability of a network

What are some key security features exclusive to Fortis?

  • Rich Visualizations –Our dashboard visualizes the cyber risk data provided through your current technology and cybersecurity investments. This purpose-built platform supports most industry leading endpoint and edge protection software, the FNID sensor, decoy appliances, servers and hosts, as well as IT security data and alerts generated from critical infrastructure assets. The platform has been developed to provide deep insights into each element, with the ability to click to get deeper visualizations and actual log data specifics to ensure the environment is secure.
  • Fortis Threat Exchange Log Enrichment –Network infrastructure provides many insights into what is occurring on your endpoints, within your network, and within cloud and SaaS environments. Sentinel enriches this data with additional contextual information through our Fortis Threat Exchange. FTE creates a conduit to log sources and APIs, then normalizes and enriches data to provide deeper insights. This helps protect your most critical assets and data from cyberattack. The Fortis Threat Exchange is Always Evolving to detect the latest threats. Additional IT infrastructure, cloud, and data sources are regularly added to the extensive list of Fortis-supported plug-ins.
  • Threat Feeds – Sentinel integrates standard and custom threat feeds. Open Threat Exchange, TOR and Bad IPs are included in standard service feeds, while Hitrust, FS-ISAC and other industry-specific, subscription-based premium feeds are also available.
  • Advanced “Always Refining” Correlations – Fortis ActiveDefense DevOps and analyst teams continuously evaluate the threat landscape across multiple subscribers and add to hundreds of correlations to detect anomalies. Constant fine tuning of our detection means critical alerts are triggered faster, reducing time to detect and improving time to respond to eliminate threats.
  • Containment Services – Along with supported endpoint protection, analysts will follow your security policies and contain threats on your network and endpoints to stop an attack in its tracks before it has the chance to become a full breach or ransomware data hostage situation.
  • Adaptive Threat Response – Unique to Fortis ActiveDefense is Sentinel’s Adaptive Threat Response (ATR). ATR provides automated threat blocking for a majority of next generation firewalls based on identification of potentially harmful behavior. When ATR detects a bad actor scanning the environment and searching for weaknesses, machine learning kicks into action, forcing a rule to block the attacker and stop the attack before it can progress along the Cyber Kill Chain. Sentinel ATR stops hundreds of thousands of bad activities daily across our base of Fortis customers.

How will Fortis impact the security services I receive today from Sentinel?

  • You will continue to work with exact same team as you have in the past. Your current group/pod of analysts, management team, reporting/dashboards and any review schedule will continue unchanged, as will your sales/pre-sales and executive sponsors.
  • All invoicing will continue to come from Sentinel and pricing models (both contract and hourly billing) will remain unchanged.
  • Your ServiceNow portal and the process to place or review a service call will remain unchanged.